Coming Early 2023

Think of a meal and add all ingredients to a shopping list - with one tap. 

Do you have a meal you cook every week? For us, it's spaghetti. Browse and select your favorite meals and all ingredients are instantly added. 

Once items are selected the list is instantly organized by store categories for quick trips to the store.

Everyone makes their spaghetti with different ingredients. 

Create unique meal bundles by selecting ingredients from our library of pre-categorized items and saving them securely in the cloud. Once a bundle is created you can then add whole meals, or just the ingredients you need to your shopping list quickly.

Are you sick of hearing the question

"What is for dinner?"

Toggle with our meal time buttons to reference all your favorite meals in one place.

Offline? No problem. 

No worries when connectivity is poor, our list is capable of working offline and syncs all data to the cloud automatically. 

Unlock all features

Linked Accounts

Instantly see items crossed off by others with real time list updates. Collaborating meal planning together as a family can be fun!

Unlimited Recipes

Save time later by converting all your favorite recipes to Meal Bundles to maximize your shopping and planning experience. 


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